About Us - What you need to know about BPlanet

BPlanet is the platform for sustainable products.

BPlanet from Süßen stands for sustainable products and a sustainable life.

For us, this means that we are socially committed and not just offer sustainable products. That's why we have formed partnerships with organizations and service providers who work on sustainable projects. At the beginning of the BPlanet platform we decided on three projects. The projects address acute problems that exist on our planet. But one after anonther...

If we take a look at our oceans, we see that they are actively threatened and one of the biggest dangers is plastic. We want to counteract this and therefore support several projects to clean the seas and beaches, which are organized via the CleanHub platform.

Let's take a look at the drinking water supply. Regardless of whether it is here in Süßen or in Germany in general, it is largely a habit, but in some parts of the world it is not the case. A supply of drinking water would be immensely important, especially for children and their development. That's why we support the construction of wells in areas that do not have a constant water supply. More specifically, we support "Wells for Africa", which builds wells for water supplies in the countries of Ethiopia, Benin, Tanzania, Togo and formerly Sudan. However, longer periods of drought and higher temperatures affect not only our water, but also our forests.

Let's take a look at our forests. Although wood is declared as a sustainable raw material and our handling of the raw material is thus glossed over, the reality is different. We are cutting down more trees than are growing back at the same time. That's why, on the one hand, we rely on bamboo and, on the other hand, we support I Plant a Tree in order to plant natural forests directly in Germany. 

But we also need to change our everyday lives and that starts with the choice of products we use for our small and large businesses. That's why we decided to offer sustainable products.

A first step is to choose sustainable hygiene paper. That's why we at BPlanet were the first to add Happy Poop to our platform. Happy Poop is a sustainably produced bamboo toilet paper.

How is bamboo toilet paper made
Our bamboo toilet paper comes from China. We do not engage in greenwashing, we want to show our production facility transparently and openly. Only if it were possible to cultivate the corresponding type of bamboo in large quantities in Germany or other parts of Europe would the supply chains be made even more sustainable.

Bamboo toilet paper import
But even if transport remains a drawback, the overall “bamboo” package is convincing with many advantages for the environment and also for the local region in China, as natural bamboo forests are cultivated. This supports the population, the living spaces and creates jobs. Our production partners work CO2 neutrally and ensure that even the color is environmentally friendly, using soy-based ink.

Bamboo toilet paper infographic
Happy Poop not only impresses with its ecological components, it is also incredibly soft and gentle on the bottom. At the same time it is super tear-resistant and antibacterial. Happy poop leads to happy butt.

Happy Poop Bamboo Toilet Paper

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But our packaging is also special:

Our packaging and designs of our toilet paper are linked to the topic of sustainability. So we will change our packaging designs regularly, we are not limited to one style and are always open to new designs. So Happy Poop never gets boring. That's why we at BPlanet are constantly looking for new artists to help us with our vision. We turn your toilet into an art gallery. And plastic-free!

You can take a look at our current designs here:

Art gallery

We also have toilet paper without individual packaging.